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    Promotional photo for “Josie And The Pussycats”

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    Romeo + Juliet

  4. Beetlejuice  backstage

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    Guinevere Van Seenus - i-D by Daniele + Iango, Fall 2012

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    Thierry Mugler, early 90s
    Model : Nadja Auermann

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    Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller photographed by Guy Aroch for Nylon, October 2012

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    Mickey Rooney (b. September 23, 1920) with Colleen Moore in Orchids and Ermine, 1927

    I rarely get to post about someone’s birthday here without also including the date on which he or she died, but I finally have that distinct pleasure today. Mickey Rooney has had a long and impressive career in films, beginning as a child actor in the silent era. He’s brought an enormous amount of talent to movies and so much joy to so many viewers, and has recently been drawing attention to the often tragically overlooked issue of elder abuse. Happy birthday to him, and I wish him many happy returns!